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Since 1955 Stanton Calprints has provided fabrics of all types to the garment trade in Southern California. Importing printed fabrics during the 1970's and subsequently printing polyester based fabrics utilizing Sublimation printing since 1980. Sublimation printing along with the resurgence of polyester micro denier knits and wovens have brought this superior printing process to the performance wear industry. Blended fabrics which readily accept sublimation inks are widely used for active wear garments, such as bicycling, running, exercise, and soccer wear.

Sublimation printing effectively produces quality printing for products such as auto upholstery, floor mats, banners, curtains, drapes, bedspreads, office dividers, and hospital seating. Many will be surprised to know that lingerie, leggings, men's shirts, women's dresses, and pet products are also effectively printed with the sublimation process.

Stanton Calprints maintains over 500 different prints in stock which are printed on 6 rotary printing machines. In addition, specialized offset and screen-printed paper panels are developed from digital files (spot and 4 color photographic images) and then transfer printed on two over-sized flat presses (60" x 80").

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